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Tips for Success


Keyword Research:

There are many free tools available for keyword research and development.  Finding the best of these tools is not always easy.  Be sure you are getting accurate counts from your tool of choice.




Where to begin:

A good place to begin is to ask yourself some basic questions.






You may be surprised with some of your own answers.




Step 2: Keyword Research and Development



Keyword research and development is an absolute essential for your search engine marketing campaigns.  Without properly identifying your target keywords, your search marketing efforts may be in vein.  It is our experience that many web-site owners are unaware of the potential number of keywords that searchers will use to find their site. With access to a number of tools and practical experience in keyword research and development, Funnel Search Marketing of Connecticut can accurately identify and sort your target keywords and keyword phrases.



Defining your Keyword Phrases


  • Gaining an Understanding of Your Business & Your Purpose
    Following your initial site review, Funnel Search Marketing will begin the process of gaining a firm understanding of your business and the purpose of your online presence. With this, we can begin to compile a detailed list of keyword phrases which will be targeted for the purpose of bringing you qualified traffic.


  • Assigning a Value to your Keywords
    Appointing a weight to each of your keywords is the logical next step.  The value or weight of a given keyword is determined by a number of factors; including potential ROI, competition and a variety of other influences.


  • Determining Keyword Placement
    After deciding which keywords are the most effective for your search marketing campaign, on-site implementation occurs.


On-site Keyphrase Positioning


  • Where do the Keywords Go?
    Strategic placement of your chosen keywords and keyphrases is "key" to gaining positions in natural, or organic, search results.  From page titles to anchor text, proper assignment of these words and phrases is vital.


Off-site Keyword Placement


  • Anchor Your Position
    It's a common misconception to assume that only on-page factors play a role in your sites positioning within search results.  The truth be known, there are a variety of off-site factors associated with keywords that can play a role in your sites success.



Keyword research and development lays the ground work for any successful search engine optimization or search engine marketing campaign.  A solid understanding of how chosen keywords can work for you is crucial.  Funnel Search Marketing offers the necessary tools for creating or expanding targeted keywords and effectively using those keywords to bring you highly targeted traffic.



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