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Tips for Success



When linking internally (within your website) carefully consider the text used for the link.  It could have an effect on your efforts.




Budgeting Ad Spend

Budgeting your pay-per-click campaigns is essential for success.  Be careful not to spend your daily/weekly/monthly budget all at once by using the tools provided from the search engines.




Step 1: Site Analysis



Search engine marketing and search engine optimization can be overwhelming for the novice. Knowing where to begin is key to a successful search marketing campaign.  The obvious place to start is with an analysis of your current web-site and marketing strategies.



Analyzing Your Web-site Begins with Defining Your Goals.


  • What do You Want to Get Out of Your Web-site?

    Many website owners/operators have a clear objective for their website.  For some this may be to acquire sales, or to secure a user registration.  While, others may be looking to become an authoritative resource for a given subject.


  • Setting Budgets and Search Marketing Campaign Goals.

    The next step is to outline your ideal search marketing campaign goals and budgets.  As there are many different avenues available for online marketing, an outline of each, identifying any pro's and con's will be produced. 



It's All About the Code.


  • An Overview of Current Website Structure.

    Web-site structure can play a major role in web presence. There are many different styles and coding methods used to create websites.  However, not all are created equal in the eyes of the search engines.  Identifying trouble areas and areas for improvement are essential to the success of any search marketing campaign.


  • Internal Linking Strategies

    The methods used to link pages within your web-site can also play a significant role in your site's success. Proper linking structure is not only beneficial to your users, but also the to the search engines in finding and indexing your pages.


  • External Lining Strategies

    Obtaining links from other web-sites that point to your web-site can be a daunting task.  However, links from, on-topic, authority sites can prove beneficial in the world of search. Learning how to obtain these links is an important aspect of your campaign.


  • Tagging

    Knowing how to use the appropriate HTML tags can often times give you the upper-hand over your competition.  Analyzing your current tag usage and offering suggestions for improvement is the logical next step in our analysis.



Content is King


  • Analyzing Current Content

    Considered by many to be "King of Search," web-site content is crucial to your marketing success.  An analysis of your current content and keyword placement will often times lead us to highly targeted content development.



As the search industry explodes, making your web-site visible to your target audience is more necessary than ever.  There are so many factors involved with making a web-site prominent in the search engines and Funnel Search Marketing has the experience and knowledge required for your search engine marketing initiative.  Our free web-site analysis takes an in-depth look at your current web-site and marketing efforts.  Located in Connecticut ( CT, ) Funnel Search Marketing offers on-site (in the NY or CT areas) or phone consultations. Upon completion of an initial site analysis, a detailed summary of findings and proposed improvements will be provided and any questions answered in detail.






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